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Canon House Builders is dedicated to building rock solid energy efficient homes by using best practices in building construction. Below, you will find our industry leading minimum building specifications package. This package was designed to construct homes that would be balanced in energy efficiency, structural integrity and cost to the homeowner. Please review the minimum specifications and give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.



Our Minimum Building Specifications-


Windstorm Certification

Low-E double pane insulated Windows.

Tight construction

  • House wrap, Window wrap, Foam sill, and Sill seal insures the home will be constructed tight. This allows for better energy efficiency of the home.

Roofing System

  • Tech Shield Roof Decking
  • 30 Year Architectural shingles.
  • 30# felt
  • Continuous soffit vents
  • Baffles
  • Ridge vents

Exterior Coverings

  • American King Size Brick.
  • Real Stone
  • Stucco with expansion joints.
  • Hardi for walls, ceilings and cornice.


  • 16 SEER HVAC system.
  • R-8 Ductwork
  • Custom designed for each home.


  • PEX Plumbing with Manibloc system.
  • Pressure balanced valves.


  • Blown in rock wool insulation. R-19 Walls, R-30 Ceilings.
  • Foam Sill around all penetrations.
  • Baffles at attic for better air flow.


  • 1/2" drywall
  • Rounded or squared corners
  • Orange peel or knock down texture


  • 5" door casing
  • 7" baseboard
  • Crown mold at coffer ceilings, master bath, master bedroom, dining room and kitchen area
  • Hollow core primed interior doors in raised panel or santé fe design.


  • Stain Grade Custom built on site cabinets in Birch, Maple, Oak, Beech or Knotty Alder.
  • Spice rack, garbage and pan rack built into cabinets and included in price.

Stain/ Paint

  • Sherwinn Williams paints and stains.


  • Flatwork will be included for sidewalks and driveways. Based off site plan.

The following selections (Allowances) are purchased at builder pricing with no markup to the client.

  • Landscaping approved by client
  • Exterior Doors including garage doors and opener selected by client
  • Floor Coverings selected by client.
  • Countertops selected by client.
  • Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets selected by client.
  • Light fixtures selected by client.
  • Appliances selected by client
  • Hardware selected by client